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Why Nikaido Thinks Birthdays Are Awesome (or Why Senga-san Doesn't) (Nikaido/Senga, NC-17)

Title: Why Nikaido Thinks Birthdays Are Awesome (or Why Senga-san Doesn't)
Pairing: Nikaido/Senga
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for birthday sex
AN: Thanks to mousapelli for the beta. And of course, a great big happy birthday to Nikaido Takashi. The last year of your teens, and they say to save the best for last, so may this be your most awesome year yet. Congratulations on turning 19.

Set in real time-ish, aka, this takes place on August 5th/6th of 2009. Clearly I am psychic and know what they are doing RIGHT NOW. :D Midnight in Japan - it's now the 6th.

Why Nikaido Thinks Birthdays Are Awesome (or Why Senga-san Doesn't)

Nikaido is early as always, and the dressing room is fairly quiet. Miyata, who had accompanied him as usual, drops down onto the couch across from Nikaido and starts shuffling around in his bag. Nikaido closes his eyes and ignores him. Yokoo is next to show up.

It's not too much later when Senga arrives, and he makes a beeline for Nikaido as soon as he walks in the door.

"Good morning~!" he sings, and drops down half on top of Nikaido where he's lounging on the couch. Miyata and Yokoo both look up from their respective iPod and magazine to mumble greetings.

Senga's bag falls to their feet as he wiggles closer into Nikaido's side. Nikaido just grunts and moves over slightly to make space.

"Ne, Nika," Senga starts, his voice low and seductive, "come home with me tonight."

Nikaido tries to shrug off his shiver, but he knows he's not fooling Senga at all. "We'll be exhausted tonight," he tries anyway. "After two shows?"

He doesn't think he sounds very convincing, but then, they haven't been together since the start of PLAYZONE, which is way too long in Nikaido's book. He excuses himself for not sounding believable.

Senga smirks at him and leans in to breathe against his ear. "But Nika, don't you want your birthday sex?"

Nikaido's breath catches audibly at that, and Miyata glances up. He just looks at them for a moment, then rolls his eyes and goes back to his iPod. Nikaido is grateful that Kitayama and Fujigaya aren't sharing their dressing room, not that they're likely to have shown up yet.

Nikaido gives Senga a look. He can't give in that easily. "It's not birthday sex if it's not actually my birthday," he points out in a whisper.

"We have no shows tomorrow. We can just go again when it counts," Senga presses. "You can even sleep in—oh, come on," he adds, when Nikaido says nothing. "You're not really going to say no."

"No," Nikaido agrees, and Senga blinks for a second before the meaning registers and Senga's face lights up.

"Yay." Senga leans back and makes an obscene face with a wink and tongue, and Nikaido is torn between laughter and the silly little flare of heat through his chest. He sticks his tongue out instead and Senga bounces up to go bother other people.

"Later~!" he says, and there's an undertone that makes Nikaido think that later can't come soon enough.

Nikaido forgets about it for most of the show, luckily, but he remembers the moment they take their final step off the stage and Senga flashes him the same look from that morning. Quite suddenly, weeks of shows and rehearsals and no free time at all come rushing over him, and the realization of how much he misses Senga hits him hard. It's strange, he thinks, to miss someone he sees every day. Although it's not that he's not happy, because he enjoys being able to spend every day with Senga; he's glad to talk and laugh with him about nothing at all. But he misses having Senga in his arms, falling asleep beside him. It's not something they get to do a lot recently, and for the most part, that's even okay as long as they can spend time together, but if Nikaido's honest with himself, he really, really misses the sex. They're all exhausted after the shows, increasingly moreso the further into the run they progress, but even after the two shows of the day, Nikaido is suddenly and strongly looking forward to going home with Senga once again.

Senga lives close enough to the theatre that the van just drives him home before dropping the others off at the station. When Nikaido announces that he'll be getting off here, too, the driver makes no comment other than to wish them a good night. Everyone else echoes the sentiment, and Nikaido and Senga wave to them all as they drive off. Kitayama's cell phone glows through the tinted glass of the back window as he holds it up in farewell.

Nikaido would really love to go right to Senga's bedroom, but the smell of dinner is pretty distracting and it doesn't take much for Senga's mother to convince them to join everyone else for the meal - she already has it set out for them.

After everything is cleared away and Nikaido has thanked Senga-san properly for the food and elbowed Senga to do the same, Senga asks his mother for the spare futon. She gives them a long, searching look, but directs them to the spare closet in Senga's brother's room.

Senga's brother only glances up when they knock and enter, and then goes back to his computer when Senga explains why they've invaded.

"Didn't you call your mom to tell her I was coming?" Nikaido asks as they lay the futon out on Senga's floor, although from the extra plate at dinner and the lack of surprise when they got home, he can already guess the answer.

"I did," Senga says. "I don't know why she didn't put it out." He tosses a pillow onto the futon and flops back on his own bed. "Do you think she's annoyed at always having to do it?"

Nikaido nudges Senga's feet over so there's room to sit. "I think—" Nikaido stops and bites his lip in consideration. "I have a feeling she knows I'm not actually using it."

Senga sits up in panic. "What?! Shit—"

"Shh!" Nikaido claps a hand over Senga's mouth. "Stop it," he insists, and pushes Senga down to stop his flailing. Senga stares up at him with wide eyes. "I don't think she knows, um, you know, the details or anything. Or if she does, she doesn't seem upset about it—calm down," Nikaido adds as Senga's eyes get impossibly wider.

"But you think she knows?" Senga hisses when Nikaido pulls his hand away.

Nikaido frowns. "Well, if she's okay with it, is that really a problem? I mean, my family all had a pretty good idea that you weren't just my best friend before I told them, you know? Your mom's not stupid."

"Oh." Senga is quiet for a moment. "Well. I don't know, I guess maybe that's good."

"It'll make it easier when you eventually do tell her." Nikaido nudges Senga over a bit more and stretches out next to him, leans his head against Senga's.

"I suppose. I hadn't really thought about it."

"But you're going to, right?" Nikaido asks. He can feel Senga nod where their heads touch.

"Mmhmm. Eventually."

That's good enough for Nikaido. They're not exactly hiding, but he'll let Senga talk to his family whenever he feels ready; Nikaido knows it's not easy.

They lay still for a little while, neither of them moving much after Senga feels around for Nikaido's hand and twines their fingers together. But then Senga shifts suddenly and rolls over to press Nikaido into the mattress.

"So, about that birthday sex..." Senga grins.

Nikaido grins back. "Sex is good, but it's not my birthday."

"It will be if we go slow enough," Senga points out.

Nikaido peers over his shoulder at the clock; it's not quite ten yet. "Oh god," he groans. "There's no way I'm staying awake that long."

"Then we'll just have to go again when it is."

"Fine by me," Nikaido says hurriedly, and pulls Senga down for a kiss before he can say anything else.

And god, he really did miss this, he thinks as Senga melts into him. They've had almost no alone time at all since PLAYZONE started, and the few-second kisses they sometimes sneak before anyone else rounds the corner or something totally don't count. Now they have all the time they want, and Nikaido savors it, hooks one knee over Senga's thigh and pulls him close, wraps his arms around Senga as Senga makes a soft noise against his mouth.

"Kento—oh! Excuse me."

Senga tears himself away as his mother closes the door once more, and then buries his face in Nikaido's shoulder.

"Oh god," he wails, and Nikaido can't help chuckling. Senga pulls back to glare when he feels it.

"It's not at all funny," he snaps, and Nikaido bites his lip to keep from smiling.

"Hey, it's not that bad. It's not like we were naked or anything. And she didn't look..." he trails off.

"Didn't look upset?" Senga asks skeptically.

"Okay, well, she didn't look happy," Nikaido admits, thinking of the glance he'd gotten over Senga's shoulder in that last second. "But you have to admit it's a bit awkward for her, too? What do you expect?"

Senga looks nervous. "I should go talk to her."

"No, you should go lock your door," Nikaido corrects. "She'll get over it and you can talk to her when she's not in shock and you're not—" Nikaido lifts his hips into Senga's to demonstrate. He pulls Senga down for another kiss while he's distracted, and then pushes him back again. "Go."

Senga blinks for a second and then, "...yeah." But even after he's locked the door, he looks a bit jumpy. Nikaido tugs him back onto the bed and rubs his arm.

"Hey now," he says with a smile. "What happened to my birthday sex?"

After a second, Senga cracks a small grin. "It's not your birthday yet," he says, and to Nikaido's relief, visibly relaxes.

"But that's not a no to the sex?"

Senga gives him a wry smile and drops back down on top of him. "Go easy, okay? It's been a while."

Nikaido hums and pulls Senga in closer. He kisses Senga until all of Senga's tension seems to have bled away, until Senga seems entirely focused on him and nothing else. When he rolls them over, Senga just smiles up at him softly, happy, and Nikaido leans down to kiss him again.

He does go easy - they have time, and despite the wait, Nikaido enjoys taking it slow, running his hands up Senga's sides until Senga is making soft noises against his mouth. He sits up just long enough to take off their shirts and then goes straight back to the kissing, loving how Senga's skin slides against his with every small shift. Senga licks at his lips and Nikaido ignores him, teasing, brushes Senga's face with light little kisses until Senga whines.

"You don't have to go that easy."

Nikaido laughs and leans in to smooth away Senga's pout with his tongue. "All right," he says, and, "ngh," when Senga opens his mouth immediately. The slide of Senga's tongue against his sends fire racing along his nerves, and the room temperature skyrockets in seconds. Senga's palms burn against the skin of Nikaido's back and add to the effect; it's suddenly hard to breathe. Nikaido does his best to take deep breaths through his nose, because there's no way he's going to stop kissing Senga. Their tongues slip against each other slick and slow, and Nikaido swallows Senga's whimpers before echoing them.

When Senga traces lines down Nikaido's back and slides his fingers just beneath his waistband, heat flares through Nikaido again before settling as a low burn in his abdomen. He rocks his hips down into Senga's and they both groan. Nikaido gives himself a moment to breathe, then, before kissing his way down Senga's neck, Senga tilting his head to ask for more. Nikaido knows that he has to move things along, because if they stretch this out, he'll want Senga too much, be too desperate to make it last. Sometimes, going faster is going slower, for them.

He doesn't tease Senga much, places some perfunctory kisses down Senga's chest as he gets Senga's pants undone and pushes them down his hips. Senga kicks them off and helpfully wriggles out of his underwear without further pause. He's known forever where Nikaido keeps his stuff, and when Nikaido turns back from divesting himself of his own clothing, Senga flashes him a grin and passes over the lube, tossing a condom packet down next to the pillow for easy access.

"Lie back," Nikaido orders, and Senga does, loose-limbed and easy, letting Nikaido bend his knees for him and push his legs apart. Senga's head falls back against the pillows with a sigh as Nikaido gives his cock a few lazy strokes, just because he can. Nikaido takes a few moments to explore with his fingers, reminded again of just how long it's been, and grins as Senga chokes back a soft cry.

"Feel good?" he asks, and gives Senga a squeeze.

"Ahh... yeah." Senga's eyes slit in pleasure as he sinks further into the pillows in contentment. "Just like that."

Nikaido moves his fingers lower, stroking Senga further and further back until he brushes over his entrance. "This okay, too?"

Senga nods. "Mmm. Yeah, that's good."

"Good." Nikaido coats his fingers well with lube before slipping the tip of one just inside Senga's ass. Senga hisses and Nikaido stops.

"It hurts?"

"Ah. No, just cold." Senga shifts a bit, wriggling, and Nikaido laughs.

"Sorry." He leans down close and breathes hot across Senga's skin, laughing again when Senga moans low in his throat. He pushes his finger in further, and when Senga doesn't wince, starts up a slow rhythm that has Senga squeezing his eyes shut tight and breathing through his mouth.

"Mmm. M-more," Senga insists, and shivers as Nikaido presses in with a second finger.

Senga is tighter than usual, and Nikaido can't help asking. "I thought you like to get yourself off like this," he starts.

Senga doesn't even blush, just pushes back again his fingers. "Y-yeah, periodically." He stops on a gasp and arches up, and Nikaido grins. "But it's just better when you do it." Nikaido strokes the same spot again to possibly prove Senga's point. "Like that, ahh."

Nikaido presses lightly against Senga's prostate a few more times, because he loves the way Senga looks, writhing on the bed with his head thrown back, hair spread out across the pillow...

"Nika." Senga pushes hard against him and brings Nikaido back to focus on what he's doing. Really, Nikaido thinks he might just like to continue like this, finger-fuck Senga until he comes all over himself. But Senga's never much use after he comes like that, and now that Nikaido has the chance to fuck him, he doesn't want to end up jerking himself off like usual.

A third finger has Senga tensing up, although he assures Nikaido that he's fine. Nikaido just rolls his eyes, "Right," and leans down to take Senga into his mouth as a distraction.

Senga makes it pretty clear when he's ready, twisting hard enough that Nikaido has a hard time holding his hips in place and begging so loud Nikaido is worried Senga's mother will now know the details of what they're doing, too. He ignores Senga's chant of "Come on, come on" as he gets the condom on and coats himself with lube. Even just nudging himself against Senga's opening makes Nikaido hiss with anticipation, and he leans down to muffle any sound against Senga's mouth, biting at Senga's lower lip as he slides in as deep as he can.

He kisses Senga again as he starts up a steady rhythm, but Senga is impatient and he pushes Nikaido back after just a few minutes.

"Do me harder," he gasps, and hooks his ankles together around Nikaido's waist to force him closer. "Harder."

Nikaido thinks he'd been holding on pretty well until just about then. But the way Senga pushes against him, pulls him in, makes Nikaido's blood boil, pure lust shooting through his chest like a lance. He squeezes his eyes shut on a groan as Senga tightens around him, fucks Senga harder like he wants it, tries to keep it a bit slow so they don't both lose it right there. Senga is having none of that.

"Come on, Nikaaa." He opens his eyes to stare up at Nikaido with a dark, dark gaze, and Nikaido knows he's lost.

Or maybe he's won, he's not sure which, because Senga feels so, so good around him, looks so good spread out beneath him, and god, Nikaido certainly feels like he's the winner of something, because how many people are lucky enough to have someone like Senga?

He pulls one of Senga's legs out from around himself, gets it up over his shoulder and holds on tight to Senga's hip as Senga arches into the new angle.

"Okay like this?" he manages, and thrusts in fast and deep.

"Perfect," Senga bites out. "N-now do it."

This time Nikaido doesn't hold back. He fucks Senga hard, skin slapping together, both of them trying to choke back cries for more and oh and yes, and Nikaido lets the pleasure of it sing through him, building and building until he knows he won't last much longer. He gets a hand around Senga's cock and tugs, pausing only to pull away the pillow Senga presses over his face.

"Let me see you," Nikaido breathes, and Senga bites down on his own hand as he goes taut and comes, spilling hot over Nikaido's fingers with a muffled yell.

Nikaido is too close to work him through it, instead grabbing Senga's hips with both hands and burying himself deep, pressing his mouth to Senga's calf on his shoulder as his orgasm shudders through him.

He stays like that for a moment, just breathing, before he lets Senga's leg slip back down to join the other around Nikaido's waist. They both drop to the bed as Nikaido leans forward and noses at Senga's chin. "Hey, kiss me?" he mumbles, and Senga leans up long enough to make sure Nikaido's breathing has no chance of slowing, the touch of their tongues sending aftershocks shivering through them both. Senga's head falls back to the pillow after a moment and Nikaido settles against his chest.

"Don't move?" Senga asks, wrapping an arm over Nikaido's back.

"Wasn't planning on it," Nikaido murmurs into Senga's skin. And he doesn't.

Later, as they drift off to sleep, Nikaido smiles into the crook of Senga's neck. "We are never, ever not having sex for that long ever again."

"Never ever?" Senga teases, and Nikaido nips at him in retaliation.

"Wake me up at midnight. We're so doing that again."

"Mmhmm," Senga promises; they both get the best night of sleep that they've had in weeks.

Nikaido rolls over at Senga's "good morning" and is a bit confused to find the bed empty. He blinks around in the sun-bright room, but can't seem to focus on anything; Senga laughs from where he's standing, a fuzzy blob in the doorway.

"Can you get my eye drops from my bag?" Nikaido asks, and Senga hums an affirmative. One downside to surprise sleepovers is sleeping in his contacts. Senga places the bottle of drops in Nikaido's hand and things start making a lot more sense once his lenses aren't glued to his eyeballs.

There's a tray of food sitting on Senga's desk, a traditional breakfast just like Nikaido prefers.

"Happy birthday," Senga says, and leans in for a quick kiss that Nikaido dodges (he wants to brush his teeth first), gathering him in for a hug instead.

"Thanks, Kento." He lets Senga sit back. "You made me breakfast?"

"Yup!" Senga sounds proud and Nikaido grins.

"I love you."

"Well," Senga doesn't quite meet his eyes, looking a bit sheepish. "My mother helped. A lot."

Nikaido laughs, although he's glad that they seem to have gotten over last night's awkwardness. "Then I love your mother."

Senga gives an affronted gasp and shoves Nikaido backwards on the bed. Nikaido makes sure that Senga follows, but then pauses, holding Senga back.

"So you talked to her?"

"Ah... yeah," Senga says. "She. Well, it's okay. You know, mostly." He gives Nikaido an awkward smile. "But she likes you, of course. Said she's glad it's you."

"Well, that's good, I guess," Nikaido offers.

Senga smiles. "I'm glad it's you."

Something unravels all loose in Nikaido's chest and he lets Senga's kiss distract him from saying anything ridiculously sappy in return.

"Happy birthday," Senga whispers against his lips, and breakfast and morning breath are all temporarily forgotten.

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