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This journal is now locked. All fiction can be found on dreamwidth under the same name, and I'm in the process of moving it all onto AO3 as well.

Fireworks, A Long Time Coming (Matori/Kusumoto, NC-17)

Title: Fireworks, A Long Time Coming
Character/Pairing: Hayashi Matori/Kusumoto Yukito
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: One single tweet can change your life.
AN: Set now, Spring 2020, in the very weird world of COVID-19. Matori’s joined the world of social media, his twitter and instagram are amazing and you should go check them out. Matori and Yukito are both ex-Kansai Juniors, so if that somehow bothers you, go ahead and skip this one. Otherwise, have a 6,600-word reunion of my creation. This is absolutely fiction AS FAR AS I KNOW, and I’m not stalking or privy to their social media interactions or potential lack thereof. :P

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Take Two (Tamamori/Miyata, R)

Title: Take Two
Pairing: Tamamori/Miyata
Rating/Warnings: R
AN: Tamamiya Bunny Fic For Real. By which I mean, this is written as a part of diamondsjack's AU series Hi Tech, Low Intel. I do not usually use Japanese in my stories, but you do need to know that this is set in a future where a standard global language has been established and Japanese as we know it is referred to as Old Local. It is usually used as code, frequently by Takizawa's organization. Miyata, now ex-government agent, was raised speaking Old Local and is fluent, and has taught Tamamori, who at this point has spent so much time with Miyata that he's also pretty good.

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Pink and Orange Kisses (Miyata/Tamamori, PG)

Inaugural drabble for the new fic journal. (ETA: Okay, not such a drabble. I looked at this again and was like, why am I labeling a 1,200 word fic as a drabble? ^_^ Editing in a proper heading.)

Title: Pink and Orange Kisses
Pairing: Miyata/Tamamori
Rating/Warnings: PG
AN: Bunny!verse, or cyberpunk thing. Anyway. Ehem.

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